Issue #15 • Tell me when I suck
Issue #15 • Tell me when I suck

Issue #15 • Tell me when I suck

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Conflating Privacy & Anonymity: A Layperson’s Perspective | Nicholas Danes
Tell me when I suck, you don’t have to choose your words carefully | Marko Zivanovic
I wrote this so I can share it with all the people I’ll be working with in the future.
Prevent Windows from Sleeping
I have a few processes on my Windows gaming PC that are critical but sometimes get impacted over night as Windows tells my beloved machine to tone it down. My machine has the necessary cooling so I’m happy to let the processes do their work. There is a setting in the UI which allows you …
Is Windows Unstable? Here Are My Thoughts - Kev Quirk
I hear lots of people in the Linux community say that Windows is really unstable, but how unstable is Windows really? I share my thoughts.

Completely Self-Hosting Bitwarden Password Manager (Updated 2021)
This article will cover setting up your own self-hosted Bitwarden instance with Docker and configuring ngnix to allow for public exposure for cross device access to your vault.
Setting up a Valheim server using Docker
I’m going to talk through how to host a Valheim server on a docker image. This will enable you to set up a permanent server for all your friends to enjoy, 24/7.
Setting up Focalboard - A self-hosted alternative to Trello and Notion
Focalboard is a self-hosted alternative to tools such as Notion or Trello which you can run on your own instance. Focalboard helps with tracking and organising your own work, as well as across a team.
How to completely self-host Standard Notes (Updated 2021)
This is a tutorial on how to self-host Standard Notes, for security, privacy and control of data

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