Issue #20 • Competition time & Fun with Ansible!

Issue #20 • Competition time & Fun with Ansible!

Happy Friday! What a crazy month it's been as well, we've been looking into a lot of ansible stuff these past few weeks in preparation for some new features coming to the blog, so watch this space!! We're also preparing some tutorials for getting started with Ansible and some nice tips and tricks we've found along the way.  

🎉Competition time!

As we head into Spooptober things are starting to get cold here in the UK, which means it's a perfect opportunity to buy that new home lab and start warming up the place!

Speaking of home labs, we want to see your home set up! Crack out the RGB and the stickers. To celebrate the launch of the new home lab channel in our Discord/Matrix we'll be setting up a "Hall of Fame" for the best set-up voted for by the community and the winner will be the lucky recipient of a genuine Self Hosting Blog T-Shirt!

Simply send us an email to [email protected] with the subject "Home lab Competition", a photo of your home lab and a short description of your set-up (if you want!). Then we'll give the submissions to the community! Oh and make sure you've subscribed to the self-hosting blog to keep up to date with any future competitions!

📚 Some light reading

We've been keeping an eye on a few blogs that we like and we think you should check them out! Take a look:

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