Issue #17 • New Horizons
Issue #17 • New Horizons

Issue #17 • New Horizons

📰 The Self-Hosting Blog • Issue #17

Things have been quiet here, both of us have had far too many distractions this past month! Having said that, here is our first monthly dose of all things self hosting!

Because of how busy we've been we haven't been able to publish any new articles, but we do have some things in the works so watch this space! we're doing a write up on how to set up a Matrix server on a Raspberry Pi and we're also hoping to do some weird things with Docker...

📸 Lights. Camera. ACTION.

We've been thinking about the possibility of setting up an account on twitch or YouTube. If we do this we're aiming to make more engaging content than your standard tutorials you see around the web, potentially doing some more "fun" videos. Let us know in the comments if this is something you'd like to see!

📚 Some light reading

We've been keeping an eye on a few blogs that we like and we think you should check them out! Take a look:

How to have an awesome GitHub profile ?
Before we get Started! Check out this amazing e-book -- How to Start a SaaS Company : A...
Clever vs Insightful Code • Hillel Wayne
“Don’t write clever code.” Why not? “Because it’s hard to understand.” People who say this think of clever code such as Duff’s Device: Duff’s Device send(to, from, count) register short *to, *from; register count; { register n = (count + 7) / 8; switch (count % 8) { case 0: do { *to = *from++; c…
Just Simply | Stop saying how simple things are in our docs
Chasing Visitors - The Web Analytics Rabbit Hole
When I check my web analytics my response is often frustration, or even mild anxiety. It’s not healthy, so what’s the point?
Your email is leaking - How much data you give away without ever realising.
When you open an email, you’ll see what the sender wanted you to see. An amusing picture of a cat, perhaps. There will probably be a written message, and maybe some attached files. That’s all very nice, but most of what is sent over the email network was never meant to be seen by human eyes. That’s …
Building A Self-Hosted Journal
I’ve been thinking about starting to journal, but being the nerd that I am, I wanted something techie. So I built a self-hosted journal.
Deploy Traefik on Kubernetes with Wildcard TLS Certs
How to painlessly deploy and configure Traefik v2 on Kubernetes as the Ingress Controller with automated Let’s Encrypt ACME wildcard TLS certs.
Home Security Systems: Are They Really Helpful, or Security Theater?
Wait, so why could changes to the cellular system cause headaches for your home security setup? And honestly, is it really that big of a deal?

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