Issue #10 • IP Masquerading and server notifications
Issue #10 • IP Masquerading and server notifications

Issue #10 • IP Masquerading and server notifications

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Happy Monday!

There's not a lot to report on this week, make sure to check out the posts from our favourite bloggers though! The top post from Inlets raises an interesting way of having a public static IP address without needing to pay your ISP for the pleasure. This can also be achieved for free using IP Masquerading, which I'm going to have a look into for my personal setup.

This looks cool also, I had a similar setup using Gotify, but this just runs on the machine that you're firing messages from.

PingMe is a CLI tool which provides the ability to send messages or alerts to multiple messaging platforms & email. - kha7iq/pingme

I used this for server notifications. For example, when a cronjob runs, the output of a cronjob, server status notifications etc..

Have a good week, feel free to reach out to us for any self-hosting needs!


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