Issue #3 • We should be back to normal soon
Issue #3 • We should be back to normal soon

Issue #3 • We should be back to normal soon

The Self-Hosting Blog • Issue #3

Ed here at The Self-Hosting Blog. Happy Monday! Hope you had a good weekend. If you're in the UK, we've had some good news that everything should be back to normal by the 21st of June!

Where are you in the world? how are you finding the pandemic?

This week, Valheim hit 4 million players! which is absolutely nuts. There's been a huge visit increase in our Valheim server setup post. Have you tried out Valheim yet?

In other news, James has joined us as an author. He will be posting some updates soon. I heard something about rendering clusters on Raspberry Pi's. So keep an eye out for that over the coming weeks!

We have also switched our analytics over to Plausible fits in more with our privacy ethics over Google Analytics. It's an excellent service which we'll be posting about soon.

Feel free to get in touch, We love to chat with our members. You can find our details on our contact page.


Very Blue Sky
Photo by Victoire Joncheray / Unsplash-

Setting up Portainer. Docker Container management made easy

What is Portainer?

Portainer is a lightweight management UI that allows you to easily manage your Docker host or Kubernetes Clusters. Portainer is as simple to deploy as it is to use.

Portainer | Open Source Container Management GUI for Kubernetes, Docker, Swarm
Portainer is the definitive open source container management GUI for Kubernetes, Docker, Swarm and ACI.

It allows anyone to deploy and manage containers without the need to write code.

Portainer can be used to set up and manage an environment, deploy applications, monitor application performance, and spot problems easily.


Setting up a Valheim server using Docker
I’m going to talk through how to host a Valheim server on a docker image. This will enable you to set up a permanent server for all your friends to enjoy, 24/7.
How to self-host Bitwarden Password Manager
This article will cover setting up your own self-hosted Bitwarden instance with Docker and configuring ngnix to allow for public exposure for cross device access to your vault.
10 of the BEST Self-hosting Subreddits To Follow (In 2021)
I’ve been using Reddit for many years now, and I have curated a list of Subreddits that I believe cover all the countless issues I have encountered during my journey of self-hosting.

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