10 of the BEST Self-hosting Subreddits To Follow (In 2021)
10 of the BEST Self-hosting Subreddits To Follow (In 2021)

10 of the BEST Self-hosting Subreddits To Follow (In 2021)


Reddit is a wonderful place. It's full of like-minded people who share common interests. Rarely, a Subreddit does not exist.

I've been using Reddit for many years now, and I have curated a list of Subreddits that I believe cover all the countless issues I have encountered during my journey of self-hosting.

Here is what I believe is the best self-hosting Subreddits to join in 2021.

  • /r/selfhosted - The birthplace of this blog. Filled with likeminded people who love to share new open-source projects which are self-hostable. Also, a great place to troubleshoot and find tutorials. An incredibly helpful community.
  • /r/opensource - Like the above: Filled with likeminded people who share their open-source projects for you to discover.
  • /r/docker - There's a theme here! Redditors sharing their Docker projects, also great for asking for help and sharing tutorials.
  • /r/homelab - This Subreddit is for those who take self-hosting to the extreme. Running enterprise-grade hardware out of their spare bedrooms!
  • /r/proxmox - "A place to talk about Proxmox". Proxmox is free and open-source virtualisation software.
  • /r/linuxadmin - This Subreddit is mostly for debugging and resolving Linux related software and hardware issues. A great place to start for anyone wanting to build their first Linux machine
  • /r/nextcloud - Nextcloud is an open-source file hosting service. Think of Dropbox, but the data lives with you
  • /r/homeserver - HomeServer encompasses most of these Subreddits, you'll find a vast array of information from this Subreddit
  • /r/homenetworking - HomeNetworking is mostly linked to /r/homelab, HomeNetworking is a place to talk about network infrastructure in the home.
  • /r/sysadmin - Finally, sysadmin. Much like /r/linuxadmin - but not limited to Linux! Here you will find Windows, Linux and Mac related DevOps.

Here's a link to the multi-Reddit for your convenience! self-hosting multi-Reddit

What have I missed?

I'm always on the lookout for more Subreddits to flick through, let me know in the comments if there's any which I should follow!

I'll update the post and credit your suggestions!

Thanks for reading.

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