Issue #1 • Self-Hosting, why?
Issue #1 • Self-Hosting, why?

Issue #1 • Self-Hosting, why?

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Take back control of your data

Self-hosting. Why? What's the point? Everything you could use is already available online. Why should you spend the time and effort (and money) on self-hosting projects?

A question that I have asked myself many times.

Why should I spend the time setting up my own servers, complicating already seamless services, re-inventing the wheel?

I can just use Dropbox to host my files. Maybe Google Photos to automatically save all my pictures instantly when I capture them. How about my password manager? I can just use LastPass, it does everything for me. I don't even need to think about it.


How to self-host Bitwarden Password Manager
This article will cover setting up your own self-hosted Bitwarden instance with Docker and configuring ngnix to allow for public exposure for cross device access to your vault.
How to self-host PiHole, an internet advertising black hole
This article will cover setting up your own self-hosted PiHole instance. Allowing you to run an internal DNS and block internet advertisements from reaching your machine.
Self-hosting a Wireguard VPN, the easy way
We’re going to cover setting up a Wireguard VPN on your home server or cloud service. For secure remote access to your internal network, or a cheap, secure connection to a cloud service for some increased privacy when browsing online.

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